RB Plugin User guide


Screenshots shown in this online documentation are slightly older and hence slightly different than the actual download.

1. Windows2K. I have tested this in Windows XP only. Although the software is intended to be platform independent currently it is not because I am using some windows fonts in my tool. Will make the fonts configurable per locale later and then make this platform independent.
2. Java1.4 or Java1.5. Lower Java versions will cause problems. (I will make it compatible to lower versions later.)
3. Eclipse eclipse-SDK-3.1M2-win32 and the latest eclipse-SDK-3.1M3-win32. (Those are the versions I used.)

1. Unzip the file release and extract all plugins into the plugins directory of eclipse.
2. Delete the configuration folder
3. Start eclipse.

Getting started

why, and how

using the RB plugin

editing an rb file

Basic editing

Editing using the keyboard mapping facility

What about other languages

code generation

keyboard mapping


what of plugins


Understanding the RB plugin

Other concepts

The need for another code generator

Extension points- there are no extension points (they have been removed as they were not really needed for this tool).


Java Internationalization

Unicode Home page

RB API documentation

RB API Reference

Tools API Reference

RB Core API Reference

Codegen API Reference

XML API Reference

Util API Reference


To Dos

Copyright R.Raghuraman. Distributable under LGPL license.


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