Here is the project we started working on. It demonstrates the usage of the rb plugin for a simple though slightly contrived application.

complete diskfile project complete diskfile.for.java1.5 project
It contains the rb files- 
messages.rb and diskFile.rb. messages.rb and diskFile.rb.
The generated code and properties files are also made available here.
The code was generated as per instructions in ../gettingstarted/codegen.html The code was generated as per instructions in ../gettingstarted/codegen.html and in using Java1.5 with Rb Plugin

Please note that the sample application for Java1.5 although perfectly valid may refuse to compile (or seem to refuse) under eclipse vesrsions lower than eclipse-SDK-3.1M4. However its validity may be verified by means of the ant build script -"build.xml" also part of the project files. The seeming inconsistency was an issue of eclipse's compatibility with Java1.5 and is no longer an issue in eclipse-SDK-3.1M4.

Shown are some screen shots from the same application. All screenshots are of the same application with locale being changed in the same application run.

Note: In the standard dialog being used to display error info shown here for locale ta there appears to be a small bug -in the title bar. This bug simply disappears on some machines. Its not an issue from the RBPlugin. At most it may be a bug in the sample application or in eclipse.

Also shown below are screen shots from sample application showing plurals in action. The sample application updates its display based on field values after user presses the submit button.

See how the message changes for values- 0, 1, 23.

Copyright R.Raghuraman. Distributable under LGPL license.


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