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1)      Need to add a wizard similar to String externalization wizard from eclipse.

a)      This wizard should find sections of code like the following

i)        String a="stringa"+2+new Date();

ii)       SomeClasOrObject.someMethod(a, b, "stringa"+2+new Date(), c)

iii)     String a=p+q+r;// where p has been set to a string, q to a int and r to a date. (Say)

iv)     SomeClasOrObject.someMethod(a, b, p+q+r, c)

b)      It should prompt an rb file and allow user to specify an rb file.

c)      It should suggest a key and allow user to specify the key.

2)      Need to provide a codegeneration menu to generate only properties files for use with existing webapplication frameworks. Currently one has to export the properties files using the export wizard.

3)      Need to provide formatting of the source rb xml file. The formatting will have to support  mainly tag indentation when some tags are of mixed content.

4)      Need to allow fonts to be specified (for preview in the editor) for individual locales. Currently using "Arial Unicode MS" for all locales that use keyboard mappings.

5)      The RBPlugin itself uses the RbPlugin tool and its source code does contain a few working rb files that use the tool so it is possible to make plugins that use the rb tool.  However  the string externalization will be complete when the wizard mentioned as point 1 will be ready. This has happened because considerable coding was done before the tool could be usable inside the tool itself. Rather than modify the code manually throughout it makes more sense to wait for the externalization wizard.

6)      Need to provide a preference setting which will cause the list boxes used for navigation in the entries page to be not created as per the users preference so that the navigation can be done through the outline view of the multipage editor.  As of now the outline view is only cosmetic and does not participate in the navigation.

7)      Need to use the eclipse forms api for the editor and views(low priority).

8)      When the convert radio is not checked in the editor the preview box should allow direct editing.

9)      Need to provide in place drop down prompts (control + space) when directly editing inside the source tab.

10)  Need to provide a view that can be used to quickly find unfilled entries for locales and navigate to them in the editor.

11)  To the generic codegenerator need to add Javadoc support, support for non-public sibling (not nested) classes, support for Need to provide a parameter type that shall extend NameType and allow modifier-final. Need to complete its Java 1.5 support.

12)  A import wizard is to be provided that would allow properties files to be imported into the rb file for a locale after validating the entries in the properties file and resolving incorrect entries.

13)  Need to start using dialog settings.

14)  The editor should have some tab for editing the entries for locales in a fashion that is akin to properties file manner because the properties file is always less verbose than the xml. But this should only be for appearance and what is actually being edited should be the xml file. In this tab it should also be possible to use the keyboard mapping for the values

15)  The zero, one, multi column of the mixed content main table should show some content.

16)  To provide a preference to enable automatic saving (as an option) of the rb  file when editing in the non-source tabs. 

17)  To provide a preference to enable automatic updating of the generated code. 

18)  The rb plugin generated code should be refactorable and this problem is being investigated and there is some hope

19)  One vital refactoring support that shall be provided will be of moving the keys between rb files having the same general settings same working locales.

20)  Currently all the keys are being shown in a list box. This list box will have to sit in a tabbed control. In some other tab the keys will be shown in a tree. If two keys are say DOC_KEYA and DOC_KEYB these will not appear in same manneer in this tab. The tree will have a folder named DOC and DOC will have two members KEYA & KEYB. If there are keys DOC_KEY_A and DOC_KEY_B then the folder DOC will contain a folder KEY which will contain two members A and B. Also the existing ListBox will have to support sorting with an option to save the sorting as the actual. When showing the actual (unsorted) KEYS the list box should also provide a move up and down function for the keys.

21)  The move up/down functionality is also needed for the parameters and the mixed content.

22)  In Java1.5 provide an additional  mechanism using java.util.Formatter or rather java.lang.String.format("pattern", varargs) instead of java.text.MessageFormat("pattern", varargs);The issue probably will be in how a plurals layer is added to Java1.5's java.util.Formatter or  java.lang.String.format("pattern", varargs)

23)  Need to provide a wizard to transparently convert between  java.lang.String.format("pattern", varargs) and java.text.MessageFormat("pattern", varargs) and vice-versa without any effect on the client code.

24)  To provide two additional types for message and exception caching. The two additional types will do away with resource bundles completely. When either of these two options will be used the generated code will be self contained and will not use any properties file. In the first option the strings will be held in a datastructure in memory loaded directly from the rb file. In the second option the strings will become part of the generated code.


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