Basic Editing of an rb file


Editing an rb file

In the textbox under the first listbox on left-top fillin "DISK_FILES" and press the "n" button.

This will bring the following result


Add another entry -"disturbance"

Select "DISK_FILES". The screen will change as shown below

Using the parameterType and parameter name field feed in the values

 till you have the following result

Select "noOfFiles" in the table. The insert, delete, update buttons would now be enabled.

Check the checkbox "supports plurals"

Hit update. The following will be the result.

Note : Had you used checked the supports plurals checkbox at the time of creating the noOfFiles field this step of update could have been avoided.

You will also find that the supports plurals option is not available for the diskName field as that is of type String.

Now select "en_US" in the second listbox.

The screen is now fully enabled.

In the "fragment content" field type in The disk " and hit new.

Now in the fragment type select "diskName"

Ignore the message against format and hit new.

This should be the result

Now set the fragmetType to "..." from the dropdown.

In the fragment content feed in " contains  and press new

This should be the result.

Press the convert radio to see it work with real data.

Note how the preview now reads-The disk "string1" contains

You might wonder where the string1 came from. It was the default sample data for diskName in the parameter table. At the time of feeding in diskName you could have set the sample data to "MyDisk". Its not too late even now. Double click on diskName in the parameter table.

The following will be the result

Now in fragment type select noOfFiles

Hit new.


Select noOfFiles as shown below

Select the zero tab.

Set the fragment type to "..." and in fragment content feed in "no files." and press new.


Select "one" tab

Like with the zero tab feed in "..." & "one file."

Move on to the multi tab.

In fragment type select noOfFiles.

In format select integer. Hit new.


Now staying in same multi tab

feed in fragmentType="..." & fragment content=" files."

Hit new


Go back to main tab.

If you like you can change and test with a different sample data.

On top of the parameter table go to the comment field.

Feed in "standard example" Hit update.

Do this File>Save.

By double clicking on the editor title bar toggle out of the full screen mode.